Flower’s : Recently Photographed

DSC_0149 (1024x685)  Taking Photographs of Flowers can be real interesting! They are so beautiful! There are so many possibilities, since there are so many varieties to choose from, both cultivated and wild varieties.

To get really interesting photographs it will take a little bit of time studying the angle, lighting, and how much of a single flower you want in the shot, and if there happens to be many: do you want more than one, or set a focal length to blur out the others in the back and/or foreground? I tend to like singling out a single flower. Using a low depth of field helps the subject stand out and jump out from the page.

While taking pictures of some pretty Scarlet Clover some bee’s were hovering around getting some nectar, and I was fortunate enough to get a wonderful photo of one suspended in air. The clover is our ground cover from last years garden.

20140511-DSC_0748 (1024x681)          These were some of the most beautiful flower photo’s I have taken I had to post them!!                                                        20140511-DSC_0688 (665x1000)

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