Getting a Feel for Black and White Photography

Black and White Photography is well and alive and can be very satisfying. It takes a different way to think. It is a type of Translation where you look for Light and Shadows, then Contrast and Texture, and finally Tonality. Take a look at the “Lady in Black” image and compare it to the color photograph! Turning color scene into a black and white scene by looking at these elements turn color into lights, darks, and textures that bring a different dimension and gives a totally different feel to an image. After looking at the color image it is fairly dull and lacking something. “What you see is what you get”. There is also a lot can be manipulated in editing software to add touches to an image to help your viewers see what you saw. Not unlike the Darkroom used in film photography, the digital darkroom allows you to give a photograph the feel and look you want it to have. Translating what you see into a black and white may take some practice to get the hang of but the rewards can be awesome. You get to images for the price of one.      I  am learning that the more different modes or types of photos I think make life more interesting and fulfilling, along with making me a better photographer in all other areas of the art of photography. and improving my skills makes me more versatile. Helps me get more fun out of it all too. Look at some color images you’ve already taken and read them and imagine what they might look like in black and white, then convert them to black and white in a photographic editing software and see what you can create. Take a little time to play with some of the other adjustments to get the photograph you imagined it would look like in black and white. Take notice to shadows, tonal changes, and textures in your original image and you will have a nice surprise when you do the conversions a few times. You might find another way to look at photographing pictures you had not tried before. You may even find it really satisfying and rewarding like I have.

20140516-DSC_0961-2 (800x532) - Copy

20140516-DSC_0961-2 (800x532) - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy

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