Digital Marketing Tips for Smart Devices

Smart Marketing for Smart Devices: Adopting a More Visual Approach


Focusing your digital marketing campaign on smart devices users is an Girl.Holding.CELL.PHONE.SMincredibly wise move. People today rely on their smartphones to browse the web and do a lot of online shopping, and customer engagement is much more convenient if a website is optimized for these devices.

If you want users to share your products and content online, you can use different tactics to motivate them, e.g. sharing might give them a chance to participate in your customer incentive campaigns. In this case, you will have a lot more responses if you allow them to share by simply tapping on the screen a few times.

It is important to know that digital marketing for smart devices is not the same as digital marketing in general. There are some similarities, but not all of the techniques work in the world of smartphones and tablets.

So in this article, we will go over some of the tips and suggestions to help you in your campaign and, hopefully, allow you to generate higher user engagement. The key is to rely more on visual elements, so read on to see how.

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Optimize your website for mobile platforms

The absolute necessity for smart device marketing is website optimization. You must ensure your website is optimized for smaller screens or otherwise you won’t make any progress on any front. The key to optimization for small screen devices lies in determining what users want.

You know very well that reading textual content online is difficult on a smaller screen. You also know that selecting or tapping an on-screen button is troublesome, especially if it is small and very close to another button. So, what should you do?

You can make the content more accessible by eliminating the need to click on a particular category and select a page from a drop-down menu. If your homepage contains all of the most relevant products or notifications, then smartphone and tablet users can reach it easily, just make everything that is important accessible by scrolling down.

As far as the product is concerned, don’t try to fit in all of the details related to the description, leave a separate page for that. For a smart device user, it is important that the product image is clearly visible, and you need to ensure the image they are presented with is high quality and alluring.


Instead of relying on copious and insightful written content, you need to rely Magenta.Iris.Orig.SM-3982 Explain.Editing.SM.Jpg-2575 Moutain+Valley.Near.Flintstone.RT144.SM.JPG-2704 Moutain+Valley.Near.Flintstone.RT144.SM.JPG-2703more on infographics. Sure high quality written content is great for SEO and for keyword ranking, but for small screen website visitors, these are almost useless. So, you need to allow them to learn things and grab their attention using infographics.

Infographics rely more on pictures than on plain text. They use images to illustrate and help users explain some complex concepts, or simply to tell a story. The reason why infographics are more engaging in general is that they can achieve almost the same effect as text. Sure you have more information in the text, but the reader will forget a great deal after he or she is finished, whereas an infographic is more memorable, and it can be used for conveying core concepts.

Just remember some of the key points related to infographic design. Start with a really interesting and jaw-dropping fact, or data point, and use all other supporting facts to reinforce and explain some causes and effects of the main fact. Use easy to read and understand typography and feel free to use pie charts or bars to demonstrate statistics, as usual.

More images, less text (show don’t tell)

We have already mentioned that using quality product images is important, but all of your images in the marketing campaign should be high quality and alluring. In other words, they need to be enhanced and edited by a Photo editing company before you share them and put them on your website.

The reason why images are held in such high regard here is simple, it is because they will drive the traffic to your website. Images those look awesome on social networks like Pinterest or Instagram makes users more likely to click them and eventually end up on your website.

Also, if your images are well-optimized and highly popular, they are more likely to be displayed in search results for a particular search query. This means more bloggers will use your pictures in their content, and more users will stumble upon them.

sunglasses-glasses-fashion-40902When you create a new post, it should include a good image, because the user doesn’t see the title of the post first, the first thing they see is the photo you used. Lastly, quality images are more likely to be shared and re-tweeted, so if you want the community to participate in spreading your brand awareness, give them something they would love to have on their online wall.


Lastly, people who come to your website for the first time will want to know who you are, where you are from, whether you do delivery and those sorts of things. This is usually the kind of information that is located in the “About Us” section of the website. Once again, an extensive piece of text is not something they want to go through, they would rather just click on the play button and let the video give them all the answers.

So, in addition to photos, contact someone to make a professional video as well. You can also do this if you sell some complicated products and want users to see a tutorial on how to use it and different ways they can apply it. In other words, next to the written description of the product you should have a video that serves as its commercial.

These were the reasons and solutions on how to approach your digital marketing campaign for smart device users. As you can see, the visual aspect of marketing is essential for a good reason, to ensure your products are visible in the first place. So, consider these tips when you are forming your digital marketing campaign.  Best Wishes!

 By Isabella Forman

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