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Easter: A Photographic Day to Start Spring Right

Limited Depth of Field (flower is an Iris or Flag)
 Memorial of The Cross

Memorial of The Cross


Eternal spring will be here one day, but in the mean time God gave us plenty of awesome-beautiful and intricate plants, flowers and animals to watch, observe and enjoy.

As long as my eyes, hands and mind will let me, I hope to record many of the wonders He gave us to use, study, and enjoy; for as long as I am here on this orbiting living rock we live on.

We have so much to look forward to in life when we are young. Learning, playing, and growing. The bee, in the picture below, must collect pollen so their off spring will have some nourishment to grow  into an adult and keep the whole cycle going. We humans are similar by eating the animals and plants God provide us for our nourishment.

We got a snow the day before spring. Easter is fast approaching, and is a time of New Life and growth, both in a physical sense, and a spiritual sense.

@Tony 2016

Flying to stay fed in Spring

Flying to stay fed in Spring







Easter is a big part of that since we usually eat real well, and take in the food of God’s word on many of the spiritual, religious and Christian-Jewdaic holidays. Flowers tend to be a big part of many celebrations, observances and holidays. I Just get so much pleasure from taking photographs of nature, animals and especially flowers I will never give it up. Just as Christ Jesus and God the Father didn’t give up on us He made this earth hardy, and with perseverance.

We can be the same in life, and we must to get through life, and if we want to be good, or great at what we do: Like photography. Here are some more spring images to admire God’s handy work.

Getting ready for young ones, and New Life.

Getting ready for young ones, and New Life.


Emmy.Birthday.7yrs.2016.EDIT.crop-0128 Emmy.Birthday.7yrs.2016.EDIT.crop-0098




Cheerfulness that Spring Gives.

Cheerfulness that Spring Gives.






2016 Spring Snow!

Little boys know what Spring and Love are about.

Little boys know what Spring and Love are about.


Landscapes and Monuments that Have History !

Landscapes have Histories we may never see, or truly understand unless we research it, or have others that have done it for us. A resource into a deeper understanding of this photograph of the Antietam memorial park can be found by looking at, : a war to end all wars as all wars should have been. The Battle Antietam was the bloodiest single battles in American history. The land tended now, monuments erected, and maintained so thousands can visit and learn from the history of Our Country: now seeing the beauty in the land that we love.

See these awesome views from a photographers prospective, and we can appreciate what resources, beauty, their families and territorial land both sides were fighting for or trying to protect.

The photographic merit in this picture, I believe, is it draws your eye to all parts of the photograph, sparks interest, and I hope does justice to the sacred ground it was taken on. A marvelously beautiful day that the picture was taken, right near the anniversary of the  Landscapes that Have History   the Battle itself. Outdoor Photographer magazine covers a lot of tips to creating photographs like this. Wild Wonderful West Virginia magazine is where I developed some of my knowledge of taking good photographs, and of coarse God giving me the sight { eye } for taking photographs at a young age; if not from birth. We do need to develop our talents and he leaves that to us. Plus, our learning comes too through history and what He helps us find wisdom from what we learn : if we are open to it.

The picture below is a photograph of the Alex Haley (the author of “Roots”) memorial monument after Hurricane Sandy. The boy attentively looks up at the story teller to catch every word. The same attention getting composition of this photograph leads your eye from the story teller to the boy, and from the boy to the story teller. The name I gave the photograph, “Learning from The Storms”, is what came to mind since the water was high from a storm, and after the water subsides we see how working together is better than trying to survive on our own. Like the men that fought those bloody battles at Antietam, and the people that made their way to freedom from their slave servant lives learned during their escape through the underground railroad, people can not survive on their own and we need perseverance to make it through the tough times, and hard situations. The Storms if you will? We learn by our own experiences and the experiences of others through these trying situations. I try to remember that, in my pursuit of becoming a better photographer, and in everyday situations when I want to give up.

By always paying close attention to what makes me like or think about the subject of a picture I decided on a close in shot concentrating on the boy in the monument statues more than anything else. By Focusing  the picture in tight shows the boy’s expression and attentiveness better than if the focus was farther away.  The civil war has many lessons to learn: one of which is that like Annapolis, people are coming together despite our differences. It has taken more than a hundred years  for enough people to truly understand the lessons of the past. Although however slow, progress is made each day. It is said that a good photograph can be seen in a hundred ways, and reminds each of us of different life lessons and memories from out our lives. We all see things with different perceptions than another, and a scene can be interpreted by and tell a different story from each person that might have taken an image in the same place as another. Giving us many ways to see the same scene, whether observing, painting or taking a photograph.

So, looking into a landscape with a new perspective lends well to depict stories in a way that catches our eye, and causes us to read the message or lesson the author is trying to convey to us, or seeing a different image than one another to give us the uniqueness we all seem to hold on tight to. We all need to understand each others differences: to except and learn from our uniqueness’ will help us take home something awesome from a visit to areas we have never ventured into.

Another fun thing I like doing is looking at old family pictures and trying to find out from parents, grandparents and other family members more about the people in the picture, or where it was taken. Take many pictures: show them to others, and see how many different reactions and interpretations  people will have.

Learning from the Storms

Learning from the Storms

Landscapes that Have History

Camera Opportunities Everywhere: Mysterious Woman in Black

Mountain2Walk.SM.VIN-0842The Mysterious Woman in Black, as she was known as on Facebook, was being followed, and talked about for months on social and main stream media while she made her 500 mile journey. Having seen a story about her from some news source, I was glad I had my camera handy when I happened to pass her, near Capon Bridge, W.Va., on our ways to Winchester, Virginia. You can never tell when some news event, or that perfect photo opportunity will arise, so always keep a camera in arms reach. At first I thought little of my photographic encounter, except that my pictures might make some real good art work, so when I got to Winchester I just by accident came across The Winchester Star building. After taking a picture or two of their establishment I thought – “This is a on going story and the paper might like to use my images for their paper, or social media site”. After going in and talking to Scott, one of the photographers and I believe heads up the photo editing, they did take some of the images to possibly use for some possible articles he said.

Mountain2Walk.SM.VIN-0841-2  The great thing about this is that the Winchester Star did use my pictures, actually at least three of them, and gave me credit along with them in the July 30th and 31st, 2014 editions of the paper. I wasn’t really paid much in cash (papers just don’t have in their budgets), although now I do believe I can say I was published, and that says a lot for an up-coming photographer as myself. Plus, I can still use my images for the artistic photographs (left photo) I originally took them for.

The moral of the story: Take a camera with you most every where you go. There is no telling what images or news worthy events you will encounter in a days time. You just have to keep eyes and ears open. @Tony Ballas

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